This relationship will be a hard one to get over. As quick and as much of a whirlwind it was I don’t regret it. We both dived in too quickly and I fell hard and fast, and apparently he lost the connection. The only really painful part is that he convinced me he still cared about me even though he didn’t. I’ve been thinking about every detail to death but I feel like I can finally move on. I will admit he’s the best I dated so far, but hopefully next time the next guy will treat me like a queen and mean it. And also keep it up. Even if this guy wanted me back which I doubt it, I could never take him back knowing he was willing to give me up even once, because I deserve unconditional love. He has to learn to deal with his emotions, and whether or not his ex hurt him badly he has no right to do the same to me. I’m just so glad I found out the truth now instead of him leading me on further. I was so convinced when he spent an entire day with me showing me how much he cared, but I guess it was all an act. I don’t regret our gun ho relationship but next time I’ll definitely take it slower. At least our physical chemistry definitely made up for the last hookup I had…haha. I’ll have to deal with working on the same floor as him because that’s how we met but so far he’s been hiding from me so I’m sure he feels guilty which he should. But I’m stronger than that. So I finally feel like I have the upper hand by staying confident. I’ll even keep going to the rock climbing place where he took me on a date. I feel like it’ll help me power through our breakup even if I happen to run into him there. I will make myself stronger physically and emotionally and he’ll know it if he sees me scaling those walls.